Tell Mike DeWine no tax

In a first-of-its-kind move, the federal government is considering increasing the cost of electricity for Ohioans in order to bailout bad investments made by FirstEnergy and similar companies.

Rather than investing in high-tech advanced energy technologies, the government wants to charge you more, each month, on your electricity bill to subsidize old and expensive coal and nuclear plants.

This move, which will have no benefits for consumers, would hand over upwards of $7 billion dollars to a small group of companies like FirstEnergy and Murray Energy at the expense of hardworking Ohioans.

In Ohio, we need leaders to stand up for an open and competitive market rather than allowing First Energy's army of lobbyists, and its allies in Washington, D.C., to decide how Ohio families and businesses power their homes and operations.

Attorney General Mike DeWine has the authority to stand up for Ohio consumers and businesses.

We call on him to tell FERC to reject the energy tax and to sue on behalf of Ohio if this energy tax is finalized.